Creating the Friend Requests Function in Adalo


Hi @pfordmedia

Thanks for these vidoes (and the others ones on your channel). They’re really helpful.

I have a question about the 3rd Video - could you elaborate why you made the ‘cancel’ icon a list unlike the other icons? Would it have been possible to keep ‘cancel’ a simple button and add a ‘Delete’ Action for that specific ‘Request’?


Good question. If you just simply try to add a button, you’ll find that there’s no way to specify which request you want to delete because there’s no request data available on that screen. The only way to access data (other than the global data of “Logged in user”) in Adalo is through lists.

Got it.

But I think its also reflecting the manner in which you implemented your UX right?

I mean - if you wanted to ‘accept’ the request on the same screen, you would’ve made the ‘Accept’ icon a list as well with the same filters. Alternatively, if you created an action to link to a new screen when a user clicks on ‘cancel’ icon, its going to be possible to implement the same user flow for ‘cancel’ as you did for ‘accept’ connection.

At least I think that what I’m thinking is right.

In any case, creating a list out of anything (including an icon) kind of boggles the mind but is incredibly useful trick you pointed out. My 2nd favorite to learn from your videos, after using a ‘blank screen’ with no transition. I use it a lot to update forms, force link to previous page instead of going back, prompting user to “auto-update” same page by clicking a button linking to a couple of blank screens.

We’re all learning a lot from your videos. Many thanks and keep them coming!