Custom component API calls


I have a situation I am struggling with. I have a string of text come into my component as an input. I need to send each item to an api to get a response back, then combine them to update the component.

The issue I am having is due to the async nature of getting these API reqests. My code looks something like this:

function ComponentLogic(props){

	var {propA,propB} = props;
	var splitPropA = somefunction(propA);//A list 
	var responseData = "";
	var combinedOutput = "";
	for (var i = 0; i < summaries.length; i++){
		responseData = getRequestResponse(splitPropA[i]); //Returns a promise!
		combinedOutput += responseData;

	return <></>


Tried all sorts of ways to do this but cannot find one that works. How would you all do this?

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