Custom map markers

How do I create custom markers for the map component?

Hi @JohnT,

You can select this Custom option in the map


and you can connect to a Image property or a URL property in the Database. Or you can upload your own image.


Thank you

How do you create an actual marker to use as a “custom marker”?

i would like to display the users data

You could design that or download a image that already designed and upload it!

You mean display the All Users in the map? You can connect the Map to the Users collection and display them. But you need a property to know that user’s location in order to show that user.

And for the map marker you can choose Custom and if the Users collection has a Image property to store that User’s image you can add that by Database>Current User’s>Image or if you have text property that stores the user’s image URL you can select URL and add Current User’s>that text property.

For my Database its a Record that the User would create themselves.

They essentially add addresses which would show up on the map as markers. I would like to have a certain property show (Text property) within the “image”.

I’ve tried doing something like this but the image is way off from the actual address

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