Daily update of the logged in user record — HOW?

Hi everyone :slightly_smiling_face:
I’m doing a native affirmation app.
The basic mechanics is to send daily push notifications with affirmations.

I’ve tried everything possible, but I can’t figure out how to set up a daily update of affirmations to send.

I am currently using Abrocadalo to send notifications. The affirmation text for the notification it takes from the Logged in user collection.
That is, every day I need to somehow update the affirmation to the Logged in user collection so that the affirmations are not repeated.

As far as I understand, Adalo doesn’t have the ability to trigger an action after a certain time, rather than by a button click/visit screen.

Can you please share ideas on how this can be set up? (i was trying to use Countdown but it stops to work when the user leaves the app…)

Thank you!

@Helenakin The only way to do this is by linking to an external system like Make.com

You need to set up a connection to your Adalo app from Make that runs once a day that reads your collection of affirmations, filters them for [today] and then sends notifications to your collection of users [filtered for “wants to receive affirmations”].

The good news is that’s fairly easy to do and for low volume stuff is free.

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