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I am attempting to create a price book / estimating app for a contractor. I have everything set up so the sales rep can create a customer, create an estimate, and add products to that estimate. The sales rep can add items to the estimate in two different ways: 1) They can add a product to the estimate. (a single piece of material, labor unit, etc). 2) they can also add a service item (A group if these items flat rated together). For example, a product would be a generator by itself. A service would be “Wire and Install 20KW generator”. This would include the generator, along with 8 hours of labor, and other misc products. Once these are added to the estimate, I would like to skip to a screen where it shows a summary of all the products being used (including all of the products within the services selected). Currently, I can’t seem to figure out how to structure / add all of the products to the estimate when I add a service. Right now, it is only adding a service, and not all of the products associated with that service. I may be completely over thinking this, but any suggestions are welcome.

I think its better making 1 database with info type into it, and user in a form choose type that would make it just 1 database and easier instead of complexly you’re going for, plus it will help on not lagging or filling up your database!

Hi @jpowers ,

General idea is when you arrange the information into spreadsheet.

You might have a sheet with list of items and another sheet with list of services, but if you want to have estimating sheet that contain items and services, you need to get it from different sheets, if you do it manually, the different is not much, but if you make a program with it, it becomes complex, because you have to open and get those different sheets.

So the idea is to group and make it one sheet those similar things, items and services share common information such as name, price, category, with another addition of type, as @B0untiful_26 suggested, you can have them together into one sheet.

The same concept apply to other things.

You want to have a parent collection if you need to accumulate things, such as total, or for analytic purposes.

You might want to have child collection if you really need to know how it is made along with price usually, but this is very seldom case.

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