Database Structure for a text based reflection app

Hi, I’m about to make a text based reflection app, similar to the stoic app.

It is a simple app that provides the users with a daily mindfull lesson and an afternoon reflection question.

I have made the design in adalo and now I’m about to create the correct database structure for the idea. I’m totally new into database designs and I need to help to understand the way of developing it correctly.

I have attached a picture of the way I see the database structure could be.
Am I on the right track or is there an easier and more simple way to do it?


Hi Philip,

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I would suggest watching the following videos:

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Hi @saksmoto ,

After you have watched the videos that @James_App_Maker suggests and you make experiments yourself to that you are no longer know what else to do.

You can show the screenshots here, we will try to help you.

A tip would be to make example data in spreadsheet as comprehensive as possible, it does not need to be many, just few samples, but the structure of spreadsheet needs to be complete.