Databases not online?

I am sure it is a silly question, but after 15 days looking everywhere, I must ask the question:
Is it possible to keep/create a database locally on the mobile and not online?

If no, (I think it is no), is it possible to have differents databases for each user? (after they login).
For example, if they log in, they can have their own list of clients. Each user need is own and unique list he create.

Thanks for thoses two big questions for me.

Welcome to the forums @Choix!

  1. This is not currently possible. There are 2 feature requests existing that kind of combined, would suit your case: and also

  2. This is already possible and would just be a relational property between the client collection to the user within the user collection. “A user can have multiple clients and a client can belong to multiple users”. Providing that is in fact the case of course.

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