Deck Swiper Pro Component

Hello, I currently have the Deck Swiper Pro component built into my app.
The Deck Swiper Pro is a list of users.

Assuming I have used the app (and swiped past User A, User B, User C, User D), the next user order should be (User E, User F, User G, User H, etc.); however, the first time a user views the Deck Swiper Pro, it always shows User Q. If a user goes to another page, and comes back to the Deck Swiper Pro page, the correct user is shown (User E).

If I close out of the app, and go back in; the app will show User Q; despite not actually being the next item in the list to be shown.

How do I fix this error in the app to prevent this incorrect user is being shown, on the first occurance?

Hi @JohnP,

Do you any filters added? Did you selected the sorting? Is it possible you to show this behavior and your setup from a video? Or some screenshots?

Thank you

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