Default value for a linked db field

To work around what seems to be a bug in the Random Picker installed component, in which it can’t update the value of a linked db field unless it has a value already in it, I would like to set a default value to that field upon creation of a user, yet can’t find a way to do it, even after doing some reading.

I have two tables - Users and Words.
Words is a finite set, and is linked to Users such that at any given point in time, the linked field (called ‘word’) has a value.
Using Random Picker, I can update the value of that linked field based on a random result from Words, but it has to already have a value to work.

Any ideas how I can set up anything that is different then null, upon user creation?

As you can see from the attachment, I cannot free type a value into the “word” field (it’s a dropdown)

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