Delivery information when the order is placed

Does anyone know how to trigger the delivery person’s information, like his name and the license plate of his vehicle, to accept the race for the customer who placed the order? I’m trying to apply this logic, but this information from the delivery person keeps arriving to other customers who have not placed any orders, or the information from another delivery person arrives at the customer who placed the other order. I would like to know if there is a way to make this information relation from 1 to 1, without affecting other clients.

You need to have a ‘driver’ collection which has all the driver details and then have various relationships between your collections.

So the collections you need (at least) are:


The relationships should be:

User to orders=

Drivers to order=

Once you have these relationships in place, you can then add the driver details to the confirmation page and the drive will be specific to that order and the order will be specific to that one user.

Hope this makes sense, please let me know if you have any queries.


I tried to apply this method, but it doesn’t seem to work, the information of another courier still appears for other clients, or the information of other couriers still appears for the client who is already in a transaction. Maybe I applied it wrong or it really doesn’t work.

I’ll try to clarify you better. After the customer makes his purchase, his information and the details of his order are sent to a delivery person, then this customer is directed to the order screen, I would like the information of the delivery person who accepted this delivery to be directed to the order screen of this customer who placed the order, really a 1 to 1 ratio, but this is not what is happening, when another customer goes to place an order, when he is directed to this order screen there is the information of a delivery person who has nothing to do with the current order, or various information from other couriers that have nothing to do with the current order appears.

To put it more clearly, my app works like any other delivery app, when you place the order, the delivery person’s information, name, vehicle license plate, etc. appears.

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