Displaying Google Drive Data

Hi, I was hoping to make a simple app where I can just display Google Drive data, like data in a spreadsheet, directly in my mobile app. I don’t need any actions to be taken between the two, I just simply want to display spreadsheets from Google Drive inside my mobile app. Is there any way to do this? Thanks!

Adalo has a webview component that you can use with the spreadsheet URL.

Just ensure that you set up the correct viewing permissions in the spreadsheet.

Hi @charleshope , thanks that worked for me! I was able to display a single spreadsheet in my app using the web view component, but are you aware if we are able to display the actual folders and folder structures inside the google drive account?

For example, if I had a structure like, Main Folder 1 > Sub Folder 1 > Spreadsheet 1

Could I somehow display the folder structure in my adalo app so the user could drill down to Spreadsheet 1 through the folders? I have tried just pasting the google drive URL of the main folder into the web view component, but I always get a 403 error when I try to preview the app and navigate to the web view. Thanks for the help!