DNS Help Please

GoDaddy was my original DNS manager, However I read through the threads that Cloudflare could handle this so much better.

I have moved everything needed over there on the free plan. But I still get nothing however Adalo is saying its a success? Please see attached. Would love to get some help!
Domain: Inkblot.art


Also getting these errors


Hi @jencass97,

As I see, page for inkblot.art works?

The one for www.inkblot.art doesn’t, but AFAIK you can’t have 2 domain names in Adalo, connected to a single webapp.

Best, Victor

Yes I see it works now, but www.InkBlot.art doesn’t…do I have to redirect somewhere? Or is it best to switch The web app to the www one?

Problem solved.

Cloudflare uses “page rules” which can be found on the dashboard. Use the forwarding rule to have “www.example.com” forwarded to your custom domain. This took like less than 5 minutes to update and it now works with www add or not. Hopefully this is something that can help other people that run into this hidden issue.

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