Drop Shadow on List Items

Can anyone explain why the drop shadow affect (when applied to a list item) will display to following different behaviours:

  1. When no other components are neighbouring the list item on the screen the drop shadow displays as expected.

  2. When the list is adjacent to another component (eg a title in the form a text component) the drop shadow from the nearest list item won’t render behind the text component.

This inconsistency is a problem. Using larger drop shadow affects often makes other text components looking like they have a background fill!

Can you provide some screenshots for this Liam? That way I can forward it on as a bug report.

Here is a screen shot from the iOS app. The PWA renders as expected with the drop shadow extending behind the text boxes.

I’ve changed the bg colours here to make the drop shadow clearer. The issue is the same.

Thanks I have made a bug report for this.

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