Dropdown not change immediately list selection but at database it change

I have a list of items… and a list of karat which have value : weight: 10,000 and karat (750 (18K))

when I update the item weight 1 and karat to (916 (22K))


after click update, only weight change (from 10,000 to 1) , karat not change


but when i click edit once more


the selection drop down have changed…i check in database…


the karat did change…

then when open back to the apps preview…


the value did change…

but need to click another preview to make it change…its not change immediately

please need help…

Hello. The database updates immediately, but if you want an immediate update in the list, you can use the following feature in the list (Auto Refresh).

thank you for your reply… i did change the list to auto refresh… but still not working… the list still show previous dropdown value

Can you remove this list and create a new one, and try please.

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