Dynamically update home screen?

I have a pet app where the user can see all relevant information about their pet.
Relationally pet belongs to 1 user and 1 user can have N pets.
The databases are setup and the home screen is currently listing all pets, however I want the home screen to dynamically set to only one pet on each login. They can then switch to a different pet via a dropdown.

How would I dynamically have the home screen set to 1 of their pets on each login?
Also, is there a dropdown component that is avatar + name?

You could have the homescreen be a big stretched list, limited to one item.

For dropdown there isn’t an Avatar option right now but you could always have a list (with custom visiblity so it only shows when the user wants it, or for example in a Modal), and clicking on the item changes which pet is on the homescreen.

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Good idea - I was also thinking of having a dynamic petID to each pet and setting the home to equal that ID.
However, is there a way to dynamically set an ID for each database creation or would this be a manual entry?

Yeah you could have it calculated by formula so nobody has to enter that. For example having count of number of records in that collection, then a random number using rand function

What happens if the user goes back to the home screen again, will it always show a different pet? Or as to be that pet when he initially logged in?

If you would really need the pictures, you could do something like this:

Pet App (adalo.com)

user: pet@adaloshop.com
pass: mypetisbest

Just filter: labrador, pitbull, dalmata or poodle or add your own pet.