Edit forms and Moodle!

Hi, I have two questions:

  1. i can not create un edit form?, because the option is not:


  1. I create un screen with web view, so with the domain https://techcol.ca/ it works

    This page is with wordpress and with godaddy (with ssl certifcated)

But with the domain https://www.edutechcol.ca/, isn’t working

This page is with moodle and with GoogleCloud (with ssl certifcated)

I hope your help!

  1. You mean to say - You want to Update your form right? If yes, try to select screen then add component from their

  2. Due to security purposes some website not allow you to use their website under webview because black hat hackers may be use this for Click jacking Attack (UI readdressing)

  1. Thank you, that worked
  2. I could apply some to can show the web in the app?
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