Emticons - Getting greedy?

I have managed to build the first part of an “activity feed” i.e. the posting bit is done. I still need to configure the likes, comments and a new option specific to my app. I think that’ll take up my weekend or maybe more.
Anyhow, I wonder if any of you has used emoticons in your apps like we get on fb, whatsapp et al? That would be a spectacular addition for my activity feed even at the MVP stage. Is that do-able at all or am I getting greedy?

If you need to use emoticons (if I understand right) in your app like when user wants to reply to the post with some emoji just give a button like text of 5-6 emoji & update the current record when clicked with that emoji

Yes, you understood it correctly.
Looks like I have to forego the emoticons bit for now. Your suggestion is good but it looks like a bit of an effort for not good enough result.

Thanks anyway @ishantanusrivastava