Error uccures when click on BG color setting

Hi everyone!
I’ve met with an little problem when tried to work with my app.
It happen when I was setting color scheme. It starts to tell me “An error occurred” every time I click to button “Primary Color”.

I’ve tested this situation in Google Chrome and Safari simultaneously — results are equal (

Hi @DmitryTro,

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This is quite strange. Did you try to clean the cache or launch app builder in browser’s incognito mode?
Also, how does it look like - can you show some screenshots?

I guess if cache cleaning won’t help, you’ll need to contact support here: Submit a Support Ticket

Best regards, Victor.

Tried to clear cash: no effect (
Screens attached:

Hi @DmitryTro,

Oh wow. How did you manage to change the primary color to Transparent? :slight_smile: I tried but builder interface fortunately doesn’t allow to do this (MacOS / Chrome).

I guess only support can help you…

Best regards, Victor.

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