Everyone submits a form with one field pre-set for everyone

Hi Everyone - I am trying to make it possible for users to input a caption of a photo, but want everyone to write their captions for the same photo, then display all the captions under the photo in a list on the home page. I assume this is possible by creating a form, where the user submits a caption and I set an automatic field of the image, but when the user submits that caption, the image field is blank for some reason. Anyone know how I could do this?

Hi @psweeney,

Here I am assuming you have several photos, which are stored in some collection, and you would like to allow app users to add their captions to any of these photos.

What you can do:

  • create a collection “Photos”, add Image field to it (and add a few records to be able to test)
  • create a collection “Captions”
    – add a relation to Photos (one photo can have many captions, but a caption belongs to a single photo)
    – add a relation to Users (one user can have many captions, but each caption belongs to one user)
    – add a text field for Caption itself


  • create a screen for all photos. Put a list there and make it a list of photos. It could be a Home or other screen.
  • create another screen for viewing a photo. Put an image there and display “Current Photo” there.
  • on this screen, add a list and make it a list of Captions. Filter the list so it shows Current Photo → Captions. In this list you can show caption text and also a user (Current caption → User → Full Name for example).

To add a caption (on the same screen):

  • add an input field and a button
  • for button, add an action to create new Caption. In this action:
    – set Caption text to be taken from Input
    – User will be Logged-in User
    – Photo will be a Current Photo

This should be enough to start.


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