External Collection Query Parameter Inconsistency

Hi Everyone - got a weird thing happening with an external collection query parameter.

I have several list component that is showing records from an external api. First tab, using multiple criteria, the list displays the correct number of records (magic text is the user id in the external collection, stored as field in Adalo user collection):

Second tab, same thing, multiple crtieria and the list shows the correct records:

Third tab however, the list is showing ALL records and disregarding the query parameters entirely. Not sure what is happening but this parameter was actually working just fine for a long time and now all of a sudden it isn’t? I have no explanation.

I even tried hard coding in a raw record id from the external collection to see if it was a problem with magic text, but same result. I’ve tested the query parameters in postman, and the exact same filters return the correct records in postman.

Any ideas or something I’m missing that you can see?

Check your syntax guys! Found a stray space that was causing this issue. Weird that Postman didn’t seem to mind the space but whatever!

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