External Collections - Change Base URL based on environment

I would like to use collections from different environments i.e. staging or production. For example - if I am developing I would like to point to say dev - change the base URL to dev-api.mycomp.com/my/ and when I publish it, I would like to change to api.mycomp.com/my which will be production data.

I have attached the screenshot below.

On an exploratory note, I was thinking of having a Environment collection which is local in Adalo, use the entries there to be used in Base URL - but I dont know a way of how to get anything other than User detail in the dialog box.

On a side note, what is the best way to ensure we segregate dev and production data environments from the application?

I’m very interested by this feature too.
If you have any solution, I take them :slight_smile:

We don’t have a solution for this as of now