Forcing users to log out. - Even with password reset

Good day,

I have a security question regarding forcing users to logout from my app. The reason for this is that I have a scoring application and per match I assign some users admin access to update the scores but I don’t want them to update the scores throughout the season. Is there a way to force users to logout?

I have tried updating the admin password but if that user was logged in before then they can still proceed updating using that account doesn’t matter if the password changed.This is very concerning, it should check if the password matches the database, but now it seems like it only checks to see if the username matches the database.

Thank you in advance.

You can achieve this by having a conditional action set up on a screen to log the user out based on a certain rule. This rule could be that you set up a boolean property in the user collection called “PW reset required” and when it is true (which you can set manually) then the user is forced to log out.

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