Formulas not displaying correctly

Hello, first post here. Im finding that simple and complex formulas are not displaying correctly. The example below is screenshots showing I am wanting the average to display. I do not get any number to show despite having values in the database fields. I submitted a ticket as this was working fine, but if you all see anything im missing please help.

Hi @roque1313 !! :wave: :wave:

For me it’s working.
I will send a video how it’s work for me. :blush:

Why would I lose by circular graphs without changing any data, only removing an “average” data point? Seems very glitchy for me.

Hi @roque1313 !!:wave::wave:
Can you send the setup of the components?

Thank you :blush::blush:

@dilon_perera which components? Like the actual rectangle, text etc. or the formulas? Thank you for all your help so far!

I mean the setup in the video.

Hello, sorry im just a little confused on what you would like to see. Its a fresh screen with only the radials being dropped in and the formula placed.

@roque1313 the screen that you show in the video. And the components of that screen

Like how did you set the progress circle?

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