Frontend Login Issues

Good afternoon, my new app ‘MyPortal’ is now being published to whom it may concern, so that they can access the information and files shared by other members. I have just got wind of two people that cannot login at all, despite me being able to login with their account details.

I have many apps associated with my account, and the app in question is MyPortal:


This app was affected by the Database Incident, but everything I checked was fixed after that, so this may be a small error that remains.

Now, this app isn’t top priority, but I have been holding it back for a few weeks now, so it would be nice to distribute it ASAP :wink:


Hi Thomas,

Without looking at your app I would not be able to see if there is anything wrong with it but as a standard feature I would add a ‘forgotten password’ feature and direct people to reset their password and this should solve the issues quicker than troubleshooting what MAY be problem.

If you do not have a ‘forgotten password’ feature and need help implementing one, please let me know.


Thanks, I will introduce the Forgotten Password Feature, and see how that goes.