General Query - Marketplace component lifetime


Let me start with disclaimer that there has been no negative incident with any specific component, or with Adalo. This is more of a future planning/proofing query.

We have planned an app which uses the Randomizer (UIUD) Component extensively. We will be so reliant on it at every step that we will face massive user issues should anything negative arise in its functionality, or component removal itself from Adalo.

So while not specifically related to the Randomizer, I wanted to get information on what’s the general roadmap or guidelines for Adalo marketplace components update / deprecation / removal. As developers how much advance notice would we get prior to removal or a typical sunset period on any component.

If Adalo team or power users can help it would be great. Appreciate any inputs or feedback.

Hi @theophilus,

We currently do not have any policy surrounding this but it’s a very valid concern and it is something we will need to accommodate.

I will bring this to the team’s attention so that we may review and decide on some course of actions for these scenarios.

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