Google Map component is focusing on single marker

Hi Everyone,

The Google Maps component on my native app now focuses on only one marker (the most recently created one) when I first transition to the map screen. This shouldn’t be happening and didn’t happen until something changed on the Adalo side. The map should be zoomed out and show all markers as it was previously. There is no sorting on this map.

Has anyone experienced this issue, and do you know of potential solutions? I submitted a bug to Adalo; they haven’t uncovered the issue yet.

Works as expected for me. Not trying to state the obvious but have you chosen ‘single’ in error at some point?


Hey @Rozza , I have multiple markers selected as I can see all the markers. The issue is the map is zoomed in on a single marker and you have to zoom out to see the rest. Are you viewing the map on the editor or natively on your mobile device? It works on the editor but not when you publish.

Thanks for explaining it.
I’ve committed a new build of an app and will test that.
Current versions of native builds work OK but these haven’t had an update for a while.

Hi @Emeka, I’ve had this same problem on the latest version of mine that I published about 3 - 4 weeks ago on a native build.

I’ve not had a chance to try a new upload yet to see if it sorts the issue. Let me know if you manage to get it sorted

I had a similar bug whilst on a consulting call a few days ago. That was just in preview mode.

Having tested an app build from 11 days ago and one from the past hour, it is not affecting me on iOS at least.

I submitted a ticket, and the team confirmed it’s a platform-wide bug. Hopefully they’ll resolve it soon.

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