Group Chat Template

How do you add the Read checkmark for messages? As well as showing the count of unread messages

Click the blurred picture.

This is the same concept as disappearing messages, only the reference date is different.

Don’t know what that is.
Could you please DM me?

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Change Log, January 15, 2022

Showing :sunny:︎On status when another chat party enter the chat conversation, both at conversation list and messages list, so chat user knows that this conversation is synchronously real time, every messages will be read immediately by opposite :sunny:︎On chat user.

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Group chat will also show :sunny:︎On status of each members’ users

Template features summary :

  1. Single record in Read Status collection for each user and each conversation, no more multiple records
  2. Conversation from 2 chat users can be converted in group chat
  3. Blocking to other users, but the blocked user does not know that they are blocked, due to sensitivity of blocking action
  4. Check mark for read indicator in messages list and conversation list, so user that sent messages know their messages are read, not only delivered
  5. :sunny:︎On status to attract opposite chat user to enter the conversation, as mentioned above

This template will not replace other popular chat apps such as Whatsapp, Telegram, Signal etc due to their massive tech prowess, but this will serve us to our own apps that we can control easily and build using Adalo platform which can be extended to other functions that Adalo can take us.

This template is using built-in components within Adalo, so it is still open for more functionalities if we use more custom components.

For first time builders, it will help to learn the logic behind custom list which is very powerful.

I will continue to update this from time to time.

Thanks for the attention.

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