"Help" How to display an image if "filtered List returns no Records"

Trying to display a no result image after the Drop down menu filtering the list is done, but I can’t…

Problem is I can’t select the “Custom list” to calculate the count=) condition
(The custom list does not appear in the wanted “fields”) :roll_eyes:
anybody could share some advises here ?

Adding : Does the Hide image rule only count from a collection…and not from Drop Down variable results counting of a list ? :thinking:

Coming back to this Post.
Does anyone know if you can use a condition to display an image if the Resulting list after a Combo menu use returns “no records” ?
Since the list is empty, it is invisible on the Screen
so I d like to display an image …but cant find how to do that !
…any idea or workaround ?

Can you provide more direction with this question. Maybe a screen shot or recording please.

@bibipac I think the idea here is rather than selecting the list you want to just show / hide the empty state based on where the list data is empty. You should be able to select the same data sources from the visibility settings as you did for the list, but just select the count instead of he list of values.

Ok; i ll try to do that, thanks…

Ok, trying to wrap my head around what you’d want me to try… :upside_down_face:

on my side : The (filtered) list is set on “always visible” i do not try change its hide or show states at anytime.
(since, when its empty it just becomes invisible - at least that the normal behavior i understand it has to run)
This is totally fine for me so far… :+1:

So i get you like me to rather play with the Visibility of the image - using the"sometimes mode".
So thats the point, i have no criterias I can access under the “Sometimes criterias field” - but this one you mention : Counting Workers…
But “counting workers in that case” returns a misleading total value:
count workers is : All the worker in the DB collections, which is always >0
…not the one from the 3 Categories that worker had to fullfill (country/city/domain) that I am filtering right after …which can Be: 0 if there is no Plumber is that place…
i do not see some way to “get access” to the “filtered count value”…from the image visibility. :man_shrugging: :see_no_evil: :see_no_evil:

Sorry if that sounds like a dumb case… :grin:

The way filtering works is a little different on the show / hide section. You’ll have to select the value directly. So if you want to select Current Country > Workers you’d have to select that instead of selecting “All Workers” and then filtering.

I have the feeling that Adalo is limiting me in that case…
I can only select Country ALL/count
…there is no “Current Country” hence no “Workers” after that either…

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