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Hi Adalo Community,

I am currently working on a request and return of equipment with transaction history. I am having issue with the returning as when an admin approves the returning, the return date and time should be updated in the Request history database so as the tester transaction ID database.

Return Approval List

Tester Database

Submit button action works on this.

Request Database

Submit button unable to link to this list in order to update the return date

Is there any way that I can get a button that can update the return date in the request history database and at the same time update the true/false boolean in the Tester Database? Do let me know if there is any solution on this.

Thank you.

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Can you please send some screenshots of your button’s actions

Hi Devrimdmk,

Please refer to the below attachment for the button actions:

So this Update is to change the Boolean true and false in the tester ID database, which is currently working. Besides that, what I need is to get this button to update the return date property in Request History Database.
Please refer below for the Request History Database:

In the action for the submit button, there is no update for Request History. Hence, I am unable to get this button to update the return time in the Request History Database. Please refer to the photo below for reference:

Understand that I am required to put another button but when i do a button list, the button appears 6 times whenever I have 6 pending approvals

Hope this will get a clearer picture for you.

Thank you.

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I understand more like this thank you!

Do you added a relationship between Tester ID and Request history ?

Hello, As I understood, you would like to update certain “Request History” records by clicking on the button. If right, the current bottom is not connected to any “Current request”, so you should either create a list of “Request History” or connecting a current “Request history” to this action.

Thank you!

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