Help to scroll through a list

I added a location on my sign up page to enable users choose a location, the challenge now is that when I went to the preview page, it doesn’t show all available locations to choose from, is there a way i can add a scroll or something like that

Hi @Presh,

Could you add some screenshots or a video to understand your issue well? If the user can have a one location you can add that relationship ( Many to One ) property on the form and that will make a drop down.

Thank you

Can u see the photo?? It can’t go beyond that point on the preview page, that means a user will not be able to select from all the available options

I just tested one of my app and I can scroll. Is there any records after Bhutan?

Mine doesn’t scroll beyond that point, that’s my problem, once it gets to that point u can’t go further… That’s the preview

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Is it possible to send the App URL to test it?

Sent via direct message, pls check, I sent u some other ones before

Hi @Presh ! Did you try refreshing the page? I noticed many of these problems can be solved by simply refreshing your page!

Yea, still doesn’t scroll

I tested and no issues for me! Try deleting that relationship property from the form and adding it again. And also try opening the app with your phone to see if you can reproduce this issue!

If you still see this issue the best is to Submit a support ticket!

Ok, I haven’t tested with my phone yet, been just going through it to understand the navigation more, so I can be able to reproduce it myself,. On the chat, ‘update conversation’ was done twice, do I need to delete one??

Did you check if you added filters? If yes remove the filter

Also, recheck the Location collection in the database if it contains all the countries.

Ok, I’d try that

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