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How do I send user data through an API to allow users that created their account in adalo Database to log in through another application (web app)?

Hi @JohnT,

I’m not sure it is possible to do this. Adalo API doesn’t provide public endpoints for user logins.
Possible workarounds are:

  • “mirror” the user accounts upon account creation in some other service and use that service for user logins to other app
  • use Sign-in with Apple or Google components in both apps: Adalo app will have its own database, another app - its own, but login credentials will be the same.
    Here I assume that “another application” is NOT built on Adalo.


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so you’re saying its impossible to allow users who created an account via an app made on adalo to also use that said log in info to log into another application?

Into the another application which is made not on Adalo - yes, it is not possible. At least I’m not aware of any ways doing it.


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