Help with demo app (ordering or food spot app) and my app

My app is basically an adaption of the ordering app. However, my app and also the demo app (food spot app) with no changes that is offer in the application keeps crashing when one selects the cart. Here is a video. Is this a general bug of the system? or is there something I am not doing right? I have not changed any config from the original app - just for reference.

Thank you!

Here is a link with the video

Hello, I just tried doing the same and my app didn’t crash. Not sure if its a browser issue but for me it worked perfectly fine.

It is weird. For reference, I tested in both chrome and firefox. Tried both in two different computers and mobile phones. Also the version that I tested is the desktop web app version not the native mobile one.

I just want to report that the demo app and my app which is basically almost the same of the demo ordering food web app version are both working. I did not change anything. They just start working again. I would love to know the reason for this. Is this an issue of the memory allocated to each account? I tested in different browsers, computers and phones and they work now but yesterday they were crashing. in the $50 tier is this something common or that we should expect to happen often?. I am new to Adalo, and love the product. Just want to learn. Apologies if am asking too many questions. Just want to learn to make sure I create a reliable product.

Thank you!

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