Help with expandable menu jumping around the page

I’ve implemented an expanding menu in my app which works functionally, but as you can see in the recording, it’s jumping around the page when expanded, can anyone help? both components are exactly on top of each other

Hi @jpotts,

Could you show the preview and setup from a video?

Just adding a clonable app for Expandable Menu : Clone Expandable Menus to Jumpstart Your No Code App

Thank you

hi @dilon_perera thanks for the reply, here’s a screen recording: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software

Hey there @jpotts

Put an invisible rectangle behind both expanded and non-expanded groups and group those together. Also, keep that rectangle you’re using as a spacer above that new group.

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What Mario said :point_up_2:

See here too :

Screenshots from the Expandable Menu Clone : Clone Expandable Menus to Jumpstart Your No Code App

Sorry i’m still not really understanding, the setup is the same as on the expandable menu clone?

I’ve even copy and pasted the 2 groups from that clone into my app and it still moved around when expanding / collapsing - so confusing…

I have 2 groups, both of which have a rectangle around them so there’s a rectangle in both groups, are you saying I need a third rectangle around both groups? That doesn’t seem to be the case in the clone :confused:

all sorted guys, I stupidly has conditional visibility logic on the collapsed group when it wasn’t needed!

Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

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