Hosting medias on cloud and display them in app

Hello Guys ,

For my app, users will be able to post medias (photos/videos) on their profile.

It would be very helpful if any of you know a custom action that would send these media to AWS S3 cloud to host them, that they don’t be saved in Adalo database, and how to send back the url of the media from S3 to the app to display them on the user’s profile ?

It would be great if i could get the url and display the media, i m getting stuck on that part.

Thank you for your help


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You can use TinyPNG to compress your image and store it in the cloud (S3, or GCS) automatically

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Hey Matt,

I hope you got some productive answers on these threads. Can you confirm on which hosting you would be producing the idea of medias? Moreover, I’ve been leveraging Cloudways for my drupal web hosting and it’s going quite well according to fast-paced performance and security.