How Adalo handle cookies

Hi All,
In postman, I am calling an external API using user’s email address which returns a cookie to set session state for that user. I can then execute other GET API calls and they return results associated with this user.

Is it possible to handle cookies in Adalo? Can I some capture this cookie and its value so that I can use it in next API calls?

Thank you for your help.

Hi All, perhaps I wasn’t able to explain the issue properly. Adalo is currently able to recognize “results” from a GET API call but can it also recognize information received in response headers. We want to read cookie and its associated value so that we can use it in next set of API calls.

Thank you for help.

Hi @Achin,

I don’t think you can implement such thing in Adalo alone.
You can try to use Integromat though, as I remember its HTTP module allows to do something with cookies in reply.

Best regards, Victor.

Thank you Victor, I will try with integromat. Thanks for reply.

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