How can I create a function to assign order to my staff individually

Hello everyone, please I will like to ask for help on how I can create a function that allows me to assign orders, I have to 2 app for 3 different purposes, that’s 1 web app for the admin I use that as the back end, and one native app for 2 types of users: customers and Technician.

Customers see different screens technician also see different screens, while customer can book a repair from their screen and the booking goes to the web app which is admin app so from admin Web App the repair will be assign to a technician.

So where am stuck now is how I can assign the other from web app and let it display at the technician screen that a repair has been assigned to him, of course I have build the customer App and it function also the web app with it functions and I have also create the technician screen and when I assigned the order directly from the data base the technician will see it, but if I assign from the web app the technician will not see it.

Please help

Hi @genius ,

There should be nothing different if you are using admin or mobile app, if the list shows assignment based on logged in user>assignment, it should still show it.

Thanks for your response, but the problem is how to assign the job to the technician, there is no problem with the list, if I assign the job from adalo database the technician will see but if I assign from the web app I created for back end that’s when the technician will not see it

Update the relationship field with logged in user.

@Yongki ok thanks I will try that and let you know if it works

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