How can you create a playlist with songs from multiple databases?

I am creating an app that has different genres of music, with each genre in a separate database. I am wondering how I can link the ‘favourite’ toggle or button to a favourites screen, and have songs from all the databases show up there. It seems that each list is for its own database so I’m wondering how I can combine them to make them appear on one list for each user.

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For starters, allow me to clarify a little bit of the wording here. When you say “database”, I’m thinking that you mean “collection”.

Your database holds collections. Collections hold records.

You should have 1 collection of all songs and 1 collection of genres. Then, you can set a relationship parameter between songs and genres.

One to many
Songs belong to 1 genre, genres can have multiple songs
Many to many
Songs can have many genres, genres can have many songs
For example, Travis Barker made a remix with Lil’ Wayne, so it could technically be both Rock and Hip Hop genres.

Then you can follow this tutorial that I created a while back:

I have tried to implement this method and everything works except the song playing. The inputs work along with the buttons, however the song never changes. I’m creating an app with multiple albums/singles/etc. I need to be able to navigate/play forward and back through a whole album (in order and on shuffle) and the ability to create a playlist and play through the songs randomly.