How filter HTML tags

In some API’s i’m getting this type of response

So, my question is - Is there any method to filter this HTML tags to show in the simple text in Adalo ?

Are you passing the Content-Type header when accessing the API? Which API is it that is doing this?

No & Its WordPress API

You might could try passing Content-Type with the value application/json in the header

Ok, I’ll try and let you know.

No change @pfordmedia See :point_down:

I try HEADER & QUERY both

Any idea @Ben how to remove HTML tags because it’s only happing with Wordpress APi’s

@ishantanusrivastava please trying " text/plain" as the content type to see if that makes a difference.

To explain further, this is out of Adalo’s system and it is the data that the API itself is sending. It is up to that API to provide a way for you to receive plain text format response. Do you have a link to this API’s documentation?

ok & Just search news API on Rapid API website you’ll get this API.

It’s a problem with wordpress API only, i think

I’m not sure how the news api and wordpress correlate? I’ve used news api before without any problems and the returned response is in plain text format.

I didn’t face this type of problem with any other API but I’m facing this problem with only wordpress API right now

I’m sorry I cannot help further on this as we have no way of controlling the way external API’s responses are provided.

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