How i can make auto update checkbox?

Hi everybody,
i want to create checkbox, which will be update everyday automatically, if it possible?
for example, today i mark checkbox as checked and i want that tomorrow it will be unchacked automatically.

Add a “lastupdated” date field and set it to “start of today”. Then every time you open that page, compare the current “start of today” with the one in the box and if it’s different, uncheck the box.

Can I implement it in the free version of Adalo? Becuase i can’t find the function for unchecking. If you can show me how to do this, I’d be very grateful.
Anyway, thanks for reply)

Sure you can do this with the free version.

The tickbox component is driven off and drives a true/false field in your collection.

So the action to untick is really the action to update that field to false.

When i try to make action on that page, i can only update logged in user. But true/false field i put in another collection.

I try to make habbit tracker

Select Logged in User and you will see a list of all the fields for Logged in User. You can then update the true/false field there.

thank you!

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