How test a empty relationship

I want to display a list of all the “Midwifes” that have no user assigned to.

Users, have a relationhip to many Midwifes
Midwives, have a relationship to one User

List resultwanted: all Midwifes that have no User assigned.

It seem simple but I just cannot figure out how to do…
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Add a custom filter to your list of All Midwives.

List of Midwives > All

Custom filter where Midwives > User > Email > is equal to > empty.

This is what I did but it doesn’t work. I don’t understand why.

In the picture: I created a simple Apps Test with two lists: the top list have no filter and the bottom list have this Midwives>User>Email > is equal to > empty filter. I expect to get only three results in the second list but I got the same Top list.

Hi @Amber,

What Flawless said should work! I tested this too but unfortunately it didn’t worked. I guess this is a bug in Adalo side because after grouping the components inside the list and putting the condition there worked!

Check here : Midwifes that have no user assigned.mp4 - Google Drive

Thank you

Test for Empty Relations

  1. The exists construct returns true if the argument subquery is nonempty.
  2. Find all customers who have a loan and an account at the bank. select cname. from borrower. where exists (select * from depositor. where depositor.cname = borrower.cname)

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