How to add shuffle and loop functions in music apps

Hi, I am making music app, but I am stopping development, because I do not knoe how to add shuffle and loop functions in music apps.Please teach me.

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Hello, I’m happy to help you with this issue. PM me.

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Not putting @Ali-Bazzi request to trash!

But like to ask how you want the shuffle? Clicking on a button right? Maybe a demo art that you can send here about how you want it to be display including the loop feature?

The shuffle will be automatic after the song ends. There’s no current demo yet, but i have the idea of making the shuffle and the looping. And i beleive it works.

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Thank you for replay,
If the song in the alubum finished ,next song is start but next song is chosed at random in same alubum.
I want if last song in the alubum finished first song in the albim starts without people do not touch start botton.
Please say if you need more information.

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