How to best build a quiz/self test for users

hi there, I need the following functionality in my app:

  • users to check checkboxes and based on how many check boxes they check a different modal screen pops up. Note: this is for someone to selftest/self verify if they are ready for a certain type of training.

Currently this is set up with a counter, but because there is a bug in the counter this does not work properly (eg sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t). apparently there are other/better ways to set this up. Anyone any ideas? Thanks so much! Kind regards, Elianne!


You can try binary counter, such as
1st check box, add 1 or 0
2nd check box, add 10 or 0
3rd check box, add 100 or 0

So you would know how many of check boxes checked and which ones.

It doesn’t work with link back, you need to link “name of screen”, this will complicate things.

Other workaround, you can refresh screen and countdown refreshed again, by link to interim screen and in that interim screen link to original screen (not link back), the screen will refresh, and add switch so it will be done just once, but you need to play around, if the performance of screen refresh within your tolerance, sometimes it has delay.

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