How to ceate a Sent

well I have a chat and there I can share items now, how can I make when I press the “send” button it changes to the “sent” button?

but that’s with the database detecting that this item has been shared


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Could you provide some more information? What these two buttons should do? What are the Collections related to this task? ( screenshots or a video ) What are the actions attached to these buttons? ( screenshots or a video )

Thank you

Thanks for your answer. Yes is like two buttons now what i want to do is that when one item has been shared on a conversation the button change the name to “sent”

You can add visibility conditions for the 2 buttons. For that you could create a property that stores something for show that is sent and then you can use that property for the visibility condition.

Ex:- You could use a true/false property and add a action to the send button that updates that property true and the visibility condition for that button would be show only when the property is false and for the sent button no actions the visibility condition would be the opposite as show only when the property is true.

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thanks i will try it now
Just please, I need to know what type of property it should be and how to make it valid again with the other items when it has already been sent.
thks for u help :smiley:

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