How to change settings on the device through app

Hey guys hope someone can help me figure out how to change the audio settings of the device based on certain input data - for instance lock screen at midnight

Hello, can you please provide more information or explanation.

Thank you

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Hey so im trying to create an app that will manage audio settings based on location data, so it will change the volume based on gps coordinate information - lets say at" home " the vol is 100% when you drive to work it will record your location and after 2 min will change the volume setting to vibrate etc

Thats not currently possible in Adalo. The only device/app settings that you can control or adjust are Camera Permissions, Location Permissions, Notification Permissions, etc (the default permissions Adalo allows you to add to the app).

But to my best knowledge, you cannot adjust volume or brightness, lock screen etc.
This would be possible though with custom components.

are there any Api components ?

Would you like to do adjust the sound settings in the Audio or video player component?

Thank you!