How to Enable Location Restricted Notifications

I am working on an events app. When someone posts a new event, I want to trigger a notification to all the users within a certain radius of the event. I cannot figure out how to make this work. I have all the requisite google map api’s installed and enabled. And in the settings portion for notifications the logged-in user can adjust a number field which reflects the radius for notifications.

Hi @B2012,

You can add a filter in the trigger notification action :


You can create a number property for this in the Users collection and add that in the filter!

But I see when you add Users for recipient you see Users collection properties when trying to add a filter. For that I guess what you can do is creating a temp location property on the Users collection and on the form after the create action add a update logged in user action and update that temp location property with that current event location and add the trigger notification action after that and filter it with that temp location property and add the number property inside the filter. I hope this will work!

Thank you

I’ll give it a try thanks!

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Unfortunately I was not able to make this work, but thank you for trying.

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