How to get group totals

How can I get the sum for each group displayed? In this case what I want to do is to get the sum of everything that Bitso says and everything that is from Liquid. I could only get the total of the day, but I can’t find out how to get the totals by group.

All this information comes form this table

Thank you very much for your help!

within the form, you can create a TEXT field and select the SUM function and field you want to calculate…dono if that s what you are looking for

sum of vals

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Maybe, you want to create each bitcoin in its own column first of all instead of writting them in a Vertical way as you did. (hard to Add this way)

   Etherum / Bitcoin / etc
       111         222        333
       100         200        300 

Sum 211 422 633

Create a User, than create a Collection for each Bitcoin types
Than you can Add each user, how many bitcoin that one owns in each Type…than display a resume as you wish…

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Hi, many thanks for your help!!
I already did what you propose as you can see in the picture

But I can´t do the same to Group by wallet (Liquid, bitso, etc .these come from a relationship) because the only filed I´ve to summarize are the amount of coins for each wallet or group as you can see in the next image. With SQL its easy to summarize this but in Adalo I haven’t figured out how to do it.

Many thanks

I will try, but the idea is to know how many coins there are and the balance of each account and the amount of coins. Thanks for the idea.

can you writte what your SQL script precely would looked like here: - for a client (or a wallet…not sure) so one could grasp what you expect from your filters…might makes it easier to “port it” to Adalo’s way

this the example
=Select C ,B,sum(E), min(E), Avg(E) WHERE C = date ‘"&text(H2,“yyyy-mm-dd”)&"’ group by C, B"

and this is what i want to do , I did this on another platform, but I’m trying to replicate it here and the “Adalo form” is costing me some work :stuck_out_tongue:

The additioning is doable aver/sum its already all part of Adalo.
As for the Dateselect, its working too BUT, recently there are some bugs with it, so test it and if it goes weird, ask the Team to check that feature…
In this way below, it sums/total all entries up to the day that you specify in the Datepicker field above.
Working fine right now for me

hope it helps
For each type of coin I think you need to repeat the formula for each cointype…and see how you can Convert all field into a List - there is a convert to list - MAKE LIST feature already avialable included in Adalo as soon as you “grab all fields”

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great many thanks, I´ll try it

Hi did bibipac’s solution work for this?

Yes, it usualy works. havent re-tested lately but I remember that datepicker was not 100% working - at that time - so may expect some surprise maybe…

I have been trying without success to group records for Summary.
I need to group and show the total in a list.

The following image show my collection and bellow there is the example of what i need to do.

Thanks in advanced.