How to integrate compliant preauthorized stripe payments into you app using stripe

Hey all, just dropped some tutorials on how to create a compliant stripe checkout flow, that can pre-authenticate credit cards and charge the full amount within 7 days.



Thank you, I’m a little bit proud of this one if I’m being honest.

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This is Amazing @Mitch-Pragmaflow !

I’ve been trying to implement this and have a few questions:

  1. Has the Pragmaflow component link changed? I was not able to install the “get Adalo record ID” component

  2. When creating the scenarios: It seems that Stripe does not recognize the “success_url” → Did you run the scenario in some way first so that Stripe recognizes it? (I’ve tried a bunch of combinations, but it did not work)

Thank you, this is really a genius way of doing it!

Hey @axme

  1. looks like the site is down, we’ll have a look. either way the installer is broke and so you’ll need to manually install from PragmaFlow · GitHub

  2. hard to say why this isn’t being recognized. DO you have any spaces around success_url ?

As a next step I would look through their api docs at this call to see if anything has updated or what hints they may give. First guess is some minute typo or syntax issue.

You can use the network tab or the integromat extension to get a more detailed error. Alternately postman could help to diagnose.