How to link the text value from previous form to the current form?

Hi, could you please advise me on how to store the text value from 1st screen along with the value of the 2nd screen?

The scenario here is, in the 1st screen I am getting the phone number from user and after verification I will store it in the collection and move to the 2nd screen. In the 2nd screen I collect the email, user ID and password details. So, here I would like to know how to store the phone number from 1st screen along with the respective values from the 2nd screen.


Have a screen that’s not visible to users. On that screen, have a text field that it’s populated with the phone number entered in the 1st screen. When saving the information, you can reach to the value of that text field (on the hidden screen), to update the user.

Thanks a lot, Charle!

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