How to play an internal audio file in a specific geolocation (geotagged)?

Hi everyone !

I’m trying to make an app which plays internal audio files at specific areas. As for example, if you walk in a park, you could encounter a tree associated to an audio file in the app. Then, I’d like the user to be able to hear the audio when he / she is close to the tree. Ideally, he / she could be in a 5 meters area around the tree to hear the audio.

For this purpose, I created a database with my audio files and for their geolocation, I tried to put their latitude and longitude in two different number fields and the complete geographic coordinates in a text field. Then, I tried to trigger a notification saying that there is an audio file available around here but I don’t know how to trigger this notification when the user is in a specific area nor to play the audio file in this same area. I also created a list with all my audio files linked to the audio player so I can listen to them but not in a specific place.

Does anyone know how I could do that ? I’m sure it’s possible with what is available on Adalo but I don’t understand how I can use them for my project.

Thank you for your help !