How to post more than 1 similar entity in form?

I choose no code/low code platform for Frontend. Backend is possible on Xano.

Key Idea

The app has a multi step form for adding an entry.
Structure of entry:

  • field 1
  • field 5
  • array of thoughts
    • description
    • percent believe

There are 2 different entities in database:

  • entries
  • thoughts


Step 1 & Step 2 - add fields to entry.

Step 3 - add one or more thoughts with the button “Add one more thought”. When the user clicks this button new block (thought + % believe) appears.
If the user doesn’t click the “Save” then thoughts haven’t been saved and the entire entry hasn’t been saved too.


  1. How to make adding more than 1 thought on Step 3?
    I plan to use a POST endpoint with a list of thoughts (one thing is easy, a list is difficult) . It’s a big problem for me how to make it with no code platform.
  2. How to cancel all thoughts if the entry hasn’t been saved?

Save each ‘thought’ with draft = true
When ‘Saved’ - loop through each “thought” and update draft = false

One of 100 ways to solve this probably.

Good luck👍

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